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Bettie Page, sans the bangs

From a homemade scrapbook found in a dumpster in the 1960s. Side by side photos of Bettie, one of them sans the ubiquitous Bettie bangs. Yep, I’m one of those rare people who are not obsessed with Bettie Page. I was tired of the Bettie cult by 1985. Not her fault, she’s great, but the unending Bettie worship wears thin. But some photos are impossible to pass up. Like this one from Vintage Sleaze.

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Bubble Bathing Beauties

1963, Judi Monterey

1957, Colleen Farrington

Jayne Mansfield

Lili St Cyr

Who is she? I do not know yet.

1961, Mr. Bubble ad

1961, Ann Richards

Edwige Fenech

Pamela Green

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Bongo Beating Babes

"Bongo Date" with Mike Pacheco. What bongos have to do with Apache dancers, I don’t know. But this is combining a few of my favorite things. Danse Apache, Beatniks & Bongos. (Released 1957)

Pin up girl by Al Brule

Another album cover, this one with a leopard clad Bonnie Logan on the cover.  (Released 1958)

Lilly Christine flinging her famous and fabulous mane of bleached blonde hair as she plays bongos in her polka dot bikini.

Escapade Magazine, 1957

"But You’ve Never Heard Gershwin With Bongos" LP. Originally released 1960.

Burlesque queen, Blaze Starr, 1950s

I do not know who she is, but if you do, let me know!

From the cover of PhotoGuide Magazine, 1959

Bonnie Logan again. This image is all over the place, but I cannot find a good quality scan of it. Sorry.

Detail from “Boleros” LP cover by Ramoncito Gomes

Detail from a greeting card made to look like the cover of an LP called “Goddamn Great Drum Music” (from the early 1960′s).

LP cover: “Meregue vs. Charanga” by Sonora de Lucho Macedo

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Dyna Spoutnik, 1958

I can find no other references to a Dyna Spoutnik outside of this image from the French sleaze mag V. If you can shed any light on this babe, let me know!

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